Ride On

  • 100 Series

    John Deere 100 Series Lawn Tractors offer the customer great value in a wide choice of models with many desirable features. They are ideal for the homeowner who are looking for the best value in a mowing tractor that will also handle a variety of other yard chores.

  • S240 Sport

    The cut of your lawn will be the envy of the neighbourhood. With two-pedal forward/reverse foot controls, a precision, premium quality 42" Edge™ Cutting System, and a cast-iron front axle for durability, the S240 Sport is the latest in a long line of John Deere ride-on mowers engineered to last and designed to help you accomplish your backyard "to do" list.

  • X300 Select Series

    Enjoy effortless steering and speed control. John Deere Select™ Series X300 Ride-on Mowers and lawn tractors are designed for property owners who are looking for a high-quality product. A wide choice of mowers and deck sizes are available making them ideal for side-discharging, mulching or bagging. These versatile Ride-on Mowers can also handle a wide variety of other yard chores, including grading, spraying, aerating, hauling and more.

  • X500 Select Series

    Mow slopes with more confidence.

    John Deere Select™ Series X500 Multi-Terrain Ride on Mowers offer unmatched quality, performance, comfort and versatility. Thanks to their wide stance to tackle hillsides and heavy-duty frame to power ground-engaging equipment, these Ride on Mowers give you the versatility to handle a wide range of tasks including grading, collecting, tilling, spraying, aerating, hauling and more.

    The X500 Select™ Series contains four models, with cutting widths ranging from 1219 to 1372mm (48 to 54 in.) allowing you to maximise ground coverage with every pass. With features including hydraulic power steering, heavy-duty all-purpose tyres and traction assist we know that you will love the John Deere Multi-Terrain, Multi Talented Ride on Mowers.

  • X700 Signature Series

    John Deere Signature Series is innovation at its finest. These Lawn Tractors have gone through rigorous testing to mow flawlessly ― even in knee-high grass ― in every weather condition. We call it our Signature Series for a reason.